Eye to Eye- a New age Love Song?

Never did I understand love, the intensity of the emotion more clearly than yesterday, when my Facebook friends convinced me to see this wonderful music video by Taher Shah, ‘Eye to Eye’. Though I am not into music that much but to my surprise I could not stop my head from tossing on the tunes until the very end. The charisma of Mr. Taher Shah kept me spell bound and I listened to it over and over again. Oh lord, will I ever be able to love?

This mellow-dious song released around two months back has gone virals on all social media websites lately, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The popularity gained is surely not because of the mesmerizing music, the enchanting video or the thought provoking lyrics, if it’s not obvious yet, it that love has never been described in such an incomprehensible way.

The video is complete, all in all effort of Taher Shah, including production, writing, singing, acting and directing, so you gets to have the crowning. Well, Taher Shah or the sparkly diva in the song is dressed in immaculate white with lots of glittery accessories, looking ravishing with his perfect long curly locks.



He talks about the love, which is somewhat like Wi-Fi signals transferring from eyes to eyes, his eyes, your eyes, their eyes, everybody’s eyes. His double on the other side is dressed in a black suit dancing slowly along the romantic tune of the song and nodding to everything his twin is expressing about the pain he is going through in his eyes.



It seems that the singer is talking about his love for somebody but since he is only pointing to his twin and there is no other soul in the song but his own portrait on the walls in the background so it’s quite inexplicable. Some say it is a strong self-obsession or else it is only the bravado of his twin to fall in love with this diva who has completely lost it. I was so hypnotized by the ravishing blue eyes of the singer and his gleaming video that all my reflexes stopped working once the video started. I seriously could not fathom this much intensity of love for the eyes.




The only thing I gained was a vast vocabulary to impress someone by praising their eyes in so many ways like senshuaal (sensual), calorful (colorful), faybluss (fabulous), stylush (stylish), etc. (I think I missed on many since I could not keep record).


After the video ended, it took a moment to bring myself back to the reality since I was somewhere in the realm of the unusual and unseen. When I composed myself, I had a good laugh about it, which surely will come to all those who go through this experience. Whatever moved Taher Shah to take this step but it has given others a great moment to enjoy this transferring of love from ‘Eye to Eye’.

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